First Shots on Film...

Almost a year ago I bought a Mamiya 645 medium format film camera.  I spent hours looking at photographs online and started to notice many of my favorite photographers shoot with film, so I did some research and found the Mamiya.  Then came the hard part...learning how to shoot film.  An entirely new metering process, no visual image on the back of the camera to check and I'm paying for each image I take (cost of film, shipping, developing & scanning).  This was kind of scary and I just let my camera sit there for months before I gathered enough courage to start shooting.

These images are from a wonderful film seminar created by The Photo Fete here in Salt Lake City.  They provided the models, styling and film help while a bunch of us newbies shot on all sorts of film cameras.

Now that I've seen my first 5 rolls of film...(you'll be seeing some more images from these rolls), I've caught the film bug, and want to see what else I can do!